Wednesday, November 19, 2014

City Box

In keeping with the city theme from yesterday, I have another city project :)  Our theme for the next craft weekend is Craft in the City (it's a play on Sex in the City--cute huh!!!).  This was the last project I did on Sunday afternoon.  It's super cute and really not that complicated, but with so many pieces and little bits, it took a while.  Start with your standard box card, and cut off 3 of the flaps. 
You can make the buildings and height or shape you want.  Michelle had a little rectangle punch that punched out all the windows, thankfully or I would have had to cut them with and xacto knife, eeeek!!!  I added some tabs on the inside of the box card and added more buildings.  I don't know what size mine are.  They're were pretty randomly done. 
The awning was the most challenging part of it, I think it was partly because I was trying to do it, after the box was fully assembled.  If I make another one, or if you want to make it. I would add the ribbon while the box is flat and not assembled.  You can always add it to the awning later, but I would get it in the building part of the box first.  I was pretty challenging to try to cut a slit to slide it in, tie it down inside all without crushing or destroying the rest of it.  The final additions are the door and fire hydrant.  It's a super cute project just pretty time consuming, but hey that's what the craft weekends are all about right!!?!?!!
Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!

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