Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Staying Organized?

Back in my pre-kid days I was orgnaized.  I knew what was going on, when it was happening and my Stampin' Up! desk didn't look like a heap of chaos.  In my defense it is organized chaos, I know where everything is on my desk :)  But in light of some recent positions in my life, I was asked to be on the Board of Directors at Megan's preschool and I'm also taking on some more roles in our children's ministry at my church.  All of this, plus all the kids activities, plus my classes, plus my personal activities (when they get squeezed in) leaves me in a crazy "what is going on today" state of mind.  So in my effort to keep organization in my life I used MDS to whip up a quick (I do mean QUICK) planner.  I work so much better with something in front of me that I can write on then some calendar app on my phone.  This is perfect!  I sent it off to print Monday so I should get it by next week. 
With MDS's wonderful calendar feature, I was able to start my calendar in February, and have it go through January of 2015.  My calendar pages (which aren't pictured) are super simple.  I didn't put any holiday's on them.  I figured I'd just write everything I needed in.  I plan to take this calendar to classes so I can book classes, workshops, etc.  It's an 8x8 book, it's not huge, but not tiny.  It's a soft cover one too, so it won't be bulky in my bag when I'm toting it around. 
As for the pages, all the pictures are in black and white.  I love that classic look.  Plus it left me room to customize each page without having to coordinate colors to their clothes or backgrounds.  The pages themselves though are all super simple, there's not a lot going on on any of the pages.  The purpose of this book is not a family album it's to organize my daily life.
I did 3 pages of just Megan, 3 of just Logan and the other 6 are of them together.  Knowing my son, if it wasn't even there would be complaining :)  So here's 4 of my favorites, I have 3 more to show.  Just my absolute favorites, I'll share those later this week. 
Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!

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