Thursday, January 16, 2014

Ghiradelli Love

I've haven't posted in a while, but those that know me know that I LOVE LOVE LOVE Ghiradelli Chocolate-only the dark chocolate-only in the little 2 inch squares.  I'm really specific about my chocolate.  There is only one chocolate I love more than Ghiradelli and that's See's.  Hold onto your seats, I'm super picky here.  I only like the truffles-dark chocolate again.  My favorite, favorite is the Dark Chocolate Chip Truffle.  Santa brought me a whole box of them for Christmas...gotta love Santa!  So what on earth does all this chocolate talk have to do with anything???  Well, today's project-which would be the perfect gift for ANYONE  has 2 of the Ghiradelli chocolate squares in it!
I so wish I could have taken credit for this idea but it came from the amazing (you all know she's amazing) Mary Fish.  Check out her video to make the holders.  Her treat holders have one chocolate, I redesigned mine to hold 2 :)  I add more gold, the sequin trim I LOVE!  To finish the project I used the Scallop Tag Topper Punch from the Occasions Catalog.  I wasn't super excited about these, in face for this project I had to borrow my mom's punch.  But now that I've used them, I MUST HAVE THEM BOTH!  Guess what's going on my wish list!??? 
Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!

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