Thursday, January 9, 2014

Happy Watercolor

I know you came here to hear more about my camera Really?  Oh well you're here anyway :)  I pulled out my old camera thinking, hoping time will have fixed it, or better yet camera elf's.  But alas the pictures I took were horrible and blurry.  {sigh}  I am looking into getting it fixed but to be honest I don't want to pay much to get it fixed.  I bought it on a huge Black Friday sale a couple years ago and got a pretty good deal.  I'm not interested in paying more to fix it than I even paid for it.  The camera I am using, we had given to the kids.  It's a tiny point and shoot, it feels weird just to hold it compared to my other one, sad actually.  But I'll get used to it I assume.  So there's the update on my camera drama.  For the card today, I always like to have the kids make 'thank you' cards after Christmas or birthday's.  This year though between the potty training, the potty training and did I mention the unsuccessful potty training there was no stamping.  Logan did get one card made.  Before I knew it they were both back in school no thank you cards had been made, written in, much less mailed!  So I pulled out my Happy Watercolor and inked it for the first time.  I love it! 
I pulled out some cards that I had left over from some classes last year-they're already pre cut, all I have to do is stamp-perfect!!!  So I pulled out some rarely used colors Soft Sky and Elegant Eggplant.  There's really not a lot to this card.  I had to make a large stack of them, many people were very generous to the kids.  I didn't want a fancy, schmancy card--just a simple card I could easily stamp a stack of (not to mention they have to be post office approved so they don't get sent back to me for an extra 3 cents).  My favorite part of the card....the glitter!  Did you really expect anything else?  I used some crystal effect and the glass glitter.  The longest part on this card was the drying time for the crystal effects.  But now the cards are done, now if I can just get the kids to write a quick note in them.......
Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!

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