Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Don't You Just LOVE Seam Binding?

I think the person I'm directing this post to, will know who she is without me naming names.  But I wanted to share with you my love of the Seam Binding Ribbon today :)  Plus there's a new stamp set and DSP on this card so it's still a fun post for all!  First let's get to the DSP and stamp set.  The stamp set is super cute!  It's called Label Love and has a coordinating punch.  Don't you LOVE that!  The DSP is from a set call Gingham Garden!  It's so stinkin' cute!  The brown on the card is also new, that's Baked Brown Sugar.  It's such a yummy brown!!!  I'm a huge fan of Crumb Cake but this might be my second favorite brown!!!  Mmmm that would make a really yummy dessert-Baked Brown Sugar Crumb Cake!!  I hope someone's working on that! 
Anyway let's get to the seam binding!  Who doesn't LOVE seam binding.  This is one of my favorite ribbons!!!  I love the width of it---I'm not a fan of the skinny thin ribbons :)  I love the soft, subtle look of the seam binding.  And the best part.  I think the seam biding makes the prettiest bows and it's sooooo easy to tie and work with!  I tied the banner onto the card with the seam binding-it's pretty and functional too!!!  I hope you get out there and use some seam binding ribbon today!!! 
Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Well aren't you just a funny girl? LOL I actually LOVE your card. It's really cute ... and yes, I suppose seam binding ribbon makes a pretty bow. Am I going to buy and use more of it? No. LOL But this IS a beautiful card. My pre-order comes in today and I can't wait to play with it! That pistachio pudding has been taunting me! Have a great day ... your stalker.