Thursday, May 16, 2013

Birthday Bird

This card is so bright and fun and I just LOVE it!!!!  Don't you just LOVE LOVE that blue!  It's the new Coastal Cabana In Color!  It might just make that pain of loosing Baja Breeze heal a little quicker :)  But that's not the only new color on here, can you name 2 more????  The flower is stamped in Pistachio Pudding and the bird is Strawberry Slush.  I've used Strawberry Slush a lot-you might have picked that one out right away.  What can I say, I love all the pinks!  This one I think is the perfect blend between bright and subtle :)
This card is inspired by this card that I came across on Pintrest.  There's one more new product on this card.  Can you spot it?  It's the button!  I've become a huge button fan, but I'm also a button hoarder.  I'm really working on it though, so hopefully you'll see me use more and more buttons :)  We'll see how that goes.
Thanks for looking see you soon!   


Carmelita Wasson said...

oh my!! I love the color combinations. But I'm not sold on it completely replacing Baja Breeze in my heart. :-D

Carmelita Wasson said...

I love the color combinations. Although, I'm not sure Coastal Cabana can replace Baja Breeze in my heart.