Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Here are the rest of the projects from our Over The Top Swap on Saturday.  I tell you every month, I know I do! That the demonstrators that I work with are some of the most talented, creative people ever!  Enjoy the projects and be inspired! 
The first is Karen's.  Karen never ceases to amaze me.  Every month she is full of new and amazing ideas-I don't know how she does it!  For her swap we made little mirrors, there's a hook on the back to hang it, mine is already hung :)  She requested colors from us prior to the swap, so that they could coordinate with our homes, it's that so stinkin' sweet of her!!!  Mine is the Marina Mist one, my craft room and bedroom are blue so I knew whatever it was and where ever it went it would coordinate.  They all turned out beautiful though!  She punched 70 ornaments per person in each color!  Then she dyed all the flower trim ribbon for us.  She's did soooo much prep work, and goodness I can't thank her enough for that :)    We embossed, sponged and glued on all those ornaments-well not all of them I kept my extras I'll make something fun with them.  I love it and it's hanging in my craft room!!
Cassie's project is up next.  We stamped the pot and then made the little bird house.  I love 3-D projects but I was worried the birdhouse would be complicated.  But she had a pattern and it was super easy!  The pot was a little tricky to stamp on.  But mine came out pretty well, I do have one wonky looking bird, but he'll sit in the back :)  I'm going to try to not kill my plant.  I do not have any gardening skills.  I'm pretty sure plants come to my home to die, but I'll work hard on this one! 
Kathy's project is next.  She and I must have been on the same thought process.  She did a mason jar candle too!  Here's is so cute!!!  I love that the candle is sitting in birdseed.  How stinking cute!!!!  With the help of a glue gun this project came together quickly!  This sweet little candle is sitting in my kitchen. 
Michelle's project was so fun!!  She made a version of the box albums.  You take the lid off and the box opens up.  You can make it into an album and put picture on each square.  Michelle's box had a mini box inside so after you opened the big box there was a smaller box inside, you open that and this is what you got.  Isn't is great.  I have this on a shelf in my craft room.  It's so pretty! 

Finally to Amber's project.  Amber made liners for our clear cases.  The clear cases we'll use to hold pearls and rhinestones.  How cute!!  Amber did the liners in MDS then had them printed.  This was huge for Amber, she hasn't played with MDS as much as me :)  They came out fantastic though and I'm so proud of her for stepping outside her comfort zone and venture into MDS!  I don't think I need to tell you how these are in use in my home :) 
Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!

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