Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Finished Cards

Remember this post from a while back.  I was so excited to send in my little swatchbook cards to get printed.  Tuesday afternoon we hung the cards in Logan's room, we went over what the cards were for and what to do with them.  Logan seemed excited so I was pleased and hopeful our new system would work.  Wednesday morning, there was NO NAGGING!  NO ARGUEING!!!!  NO COMPLAINING!!!!  AND WE WERE OUT THE DOOR ON TIME!!!!  I just might be a genius :) This was what Logan's cards looked like when we got home from school.  They're hanging in his room, the top row is all the morning chores or tasks.  The bottom row is the afternoon tasks. 
Sorry the pictures aren't great.  His cards are hanging right next to the window and in the afternoon the light is a little harsh :)  But you guys get the idea.  Today I plan to stamp, STAMP!  I haven't had a chance to stamp just for fun and for me in over 2 weeks!  That's right people 2 weeks!  It's time for some stamp time just for ME!  I should have fun stuff to show you tomorrow!  Thanks for hanging in with me for these last 2 and half weeks.  I hope that even though my posts have often been brief you've enjoyed them!  Life is returning to normal!!
Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!!

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Jane said...

Hi, I love following your blog and nOw seeing these cards in action I think I may case to use with my children! They look amazing and what a useful creation, thank you for sharing and I hope you won't mind if I case them.