Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A Little Late

Yes my post is a little delayed today.  Truth is I was so caught up in stamping yesterday that I forgot to take pictures and post!  Ooops!  I had to wait until this morning to take a picture and then it had to be after Logan was off to school, we're not quite on schedule today :)  But here it is.  I hope it was worth the wait!  I think this card is super cute!!  I love the ribbon and the chevron folder.  FUN!!!
I used markers to color the birds and I added some faux stitching around it.  Just to add a little tiny bit extra.  Love faux stitching.  So that's it, quick and simple.  I have a few things ready that I did yesterday so we should be up and running tomorrow :) I have one project that I'm just so super excited about but I just need to add some finishing touches on it.  Hopefully I'll be able to share it in a day or two!!! 
Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!!

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