Monday, September 17, 2012

Peek A Boo Pooch!

I have another wonderful Pintrest find for you!  Isn't this little dog just the cutest?!  Both my kids LOVE this card.  Megan loves to play with it so much we had to hid it from her, the dog was getting a little beat up from an almost 2 year olds playful hands.  Here's the original link to the card, and it really was pretty easy.  I followed the template that I printed out, but really these shapes are pretty basic.  What makes this card so stinkin' cute is when you pull (gently) on his tongue.  His ears pop up!!!  SO CUTE!!!
I also made this card pretty quickly and looking back, I should have sponged all the edges of my dog to give him a little more life and dimension.  Good to know for next time right!  The eyes and nose are punches.  I used the white gel pen to finish the nose and eyes.  It's amazing how just that tiny mark with the pen makes such a huge difference in the look of the card.
Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!!  

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Anonymous said...

I saw this on Pinterest too ... SO CUTE! You'll have to make one JUST FOR Meagan so she can just play and play (until she rips off his ears). .... Your Stalker