Thursday, September 20, 2012

Stolen Camera

Be prepared that for every week that Stampin' Up! is holding MDS challenges you'll see at least one entry a week for that challenge :)  If I get ambitious I might make more than one project for the contest :)  This weeks contest is 10+ Photos.  That means your page has to have at least 10 pictures on it.  This page showcases the photographic talents of my little boy.  When he took these pictures he was 5 years old, while I was making dinner.  I had no idea until I turned on my camera and there were all these fun random pictures.  Megan and the animals were nice subjects for him, as was the toys, bags and other random things we have lying around our house.  It's a simple page.  But really fun!  Remember if you like my page, make sure to head to the My Digital Studio website and like it there and comment too! 
Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!


Anonymous said...

SO CUTE!! I love it! ... Your Stalker

Mary said...

So cute! I like Logan's photos and the way you laid out the page.