Friday, March 18, 2011

Oh So Cute Headbands!!

I promised a cute project today and boy do I have one.  This one I just LOVE to pieces!!!  You might remember this headband I made for Megan not long ago.  We'll as cute as it was, the glue from the glue gun did not hold up well on it.  So I found this headband from a craft store and a little light bulb went off.  Seriously I think the store got brighter!  What if I got this head band, then instead of gluing or sewing it to the headband I could attach them to clips and interchange them!  Oh my goodness!  What a great idea-though not my original one :) But still a GREAT idea!  So I attached little clips that I found in the jewelry section of that same craft store. 

Isn't it great!  Now she can have a million clips to go on her headband!!!  So cute!!!   To learn more about how I make the flower you can check out this post.  I made it the same way but attached a clip to the back instead of putting on a potpourri sachet.
 Here's a couple pictures of Megan wearing it and would you believe she wouldn't let me get a picture from the side.  She kept wanting to look right into the camera.  I tried shooting from the top, the side, the front, nothing, she was gonna be the center of the picture NO MATTER WHAT!  She's 5 months old today-where does the time go??
Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!

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Melinda said...

What a little cutie!!! I love the clip idea. I love your blog - I look forward to all of your totally do-able ideas. Thanks for sharing, Melinda