Monday, October 12, 2009

Halloween Treats and Balloons

I have a long post today so grab some coffee or tea and settle in. First, I have some really cute and really simple Halloween treat boxes for you. And when I say really simple I mean these came together in just minutes.

First a cute witches hat. This is a triangle box, I've had this pattern for a while, I actually have the pattern for a smaller one but I just enlarged this one. I was reminded of this cute box from Heather Summers in her simply holiday's class. But I just decided to make a super easy witch's hat for Halloween. I sprayed the whole box, before assembling, with my shimmer paint spray. And I've learned with using the spray a whole lot that it shows up better on darker colors. The Soft Suede is so pretty with it and so is the black so try darker cardstock if you're not getting the desired look in lighter cardstock.

The box is a 4x10 piece of cardstock. Score at 5 inches on the 10 inch side. Mark the 2 inch center on the 4 inch side, on the top and bottom of your cardstock. Then score it from the 5 inch score line diagonally to the 2 inch mark, on all the sides. So you should have 4 diagonally score lines when your done. Fold them and put it together. Easy easy. You can modify this box to any rectangle cardstock too. Just follow the same basic pattern.

To keep the box closed you just tie the top with a ribbon.

It holds alot of candy, I think I put 3 or 4 handfuls in and it wasn't even full.
Ok for the next treat box, this is another oldie but goodie. These little pouches (known as sour cream containers) have been around a while and they work for any holiday, it just depends on how you dress them up. So this weekend I spent some time re-organizing my DSP and specialty paper holders and found this little scrap of a window sheet. It was probably around 4x5, so as long as I had the sticky strip and candy out why not make another treat box.
These are also really simple and can be modified to any size with different sizes of rectangles. Put sticky strip on one side, roll it up like a toilet paper roll or paper towel roll. Flatten and glue one side together, fill it up and glue the other side in the opposite direction. I remember making these at some of my first workshops that I ever did.
Sorry this picture is a little crazy. I couldn't get a good picture with my camera right side up so I had to turn my camera upside down.

Aren't they cute and easy.

So as I told you last week, we went out Friday Morning to the Balloon Fiesta. I haven't been to a morning one in years and I've never been to a special shapes morning, so this was exciting for all of us. Here are a few shots of our early morning trip. We did go again on Saturday night but the glow was cancelled due to windy weather. But we had a nice dinner with the Continental Airline Reps.

Logan was just fascinated by everything going on.

This was Logan's favorite Balloon, the Creamland Dairy cow.

Have you even seen the bottom of a cow?

The bees are so cute, I think they're from Brazil. They always take off holding hands then separate in the air. Sometimes they kiss on their way up.

Here's one for my Ladybug INK friends!

Thanks for looking, see you tomorrow for Tutorial Tuesday!


Heather Summers said...

How cute are those balloons??? LOVE the cow one!!! Great packages too!!!

SusanBluerobot said...

I am soo jealous i would have loved to be at the balloons with you I love them and collect all things balloons