Thursday, February 23, 2017

Mardi Gras Recap

I had the best time at the Mardi Gras Craft Weekend.  I can't even begin to describe how fun it is to just relax and not worry about kids or being a grown up for a few days.  As I've mentioned in the past I'm so fortunate to assist my downline Michelle in these weekends. I'm so happy that Michelle has delegated a few more responsibilities to me freeing her up for some crafty time too!    
These weekends are always so much fun.  I love seeing what everyone works on.  My friend Kim finished not one but two scrapbooks of her son's first communion.  My friend Anne knocked out 150 boxes that will be favors at her daughters upcoming wedding.  My friend Nikki made a huge stack of amazing cards.  And so many other friends scrapbooked, made cards, painted, made jewelry, crocheted and more.  The variety of crafts is always amazing to me.  
I got a small stack of cards done, I think I spend more time talking then working, and apparently I cannot do both at the same time ;)  Which is completely fine with me.  I've found that these weekends are so enjoyable to me because I get to have conversations with grown ups, with my friends without being interrupted by my children.  I'm fortunate to be able to stay at home and have the ability to craft everyday so I value these weekend more socially than crafty.  Of course that doesn't explain why I take 500 pound of supplies with me LOL  I'll be sharing the cards I did get done over the next few days on my blog. 
On Tuesday I shared that I made 30 slices of cake.  You can see that post here. I wanted to share what they looked like all together.  They really came out beautiful!  I was really pleased with them.  I think the fun pom poms on top have a lot to do with it. 
I don't even know which cake I like more!  I love them all.  They're so bright and fun.   
Inside the king cakes were some tweezers.  If you own a pair of craft tweezers you know how amazing and helpful they are for sequins or little images or embellishments.  If you don't own a pair of tweezers you should :)
Michelle is a planning genius. I love that she plans all our activities around the theme of the weekend. In addition to the king cakes we had a craw fish boil where we received the watercolor pencils!  We visited ACME Oysters where we all got pearls and glue dots! We played Bingo and won amazing prizes!  We had a masquerade pajama party with a live auction! We concluded the weekend with hurricanes and we got a beautiful photo box and lots of fun gifts from Michelle's downline.

In addition to all the activities and prizes I received so many gifts and treats from friends.  You'll have to keep your eyes focused on all the goodies from the weekend and not look around at my horribly messy desk ;)  I had so many wonderful friends give me lots of treats, some of them aren't even pictured here.  If your gift contained any kind of food, the kids pounced on that right away.  They espeically loved all the candy!  So most of those gifts ended up in the kitchen.  So many amazing gifts and I love them all!!!  Prep work has already started for the next weekend in July.  The sold out I Love Lucy themed weekend promises to deliver fun and lots of laughs!

Thanks for looking, see you soon!!! 

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