Thursday, February 16, 2017

Easter Treats

What a couple of weeks it's been!!!  I had friend a say to me "You're doing a month's worth of work in a week!"  I feel like that was the case, even though I know there are people who do much more than I do, they're just better at managing their time.  Mardi Gras Craft Weekend kicks off today for me!  It officially starts on Friday but for me it starts today!  I'm so ready for a girls weekend away!  I have been working busily on finishing projects for the weekend, prepping classes, and packing as well as dealing with a sick kiddo last week and attending a kindergarten Valentine Party yesterday.  Let me tell you, true bliss in life is loving something the way a kindergartner loves a mini bag of skittles taped to a printed card.  Find that bliss in your life!  The treat I have for you today is what I gave out to all my class attendees last weekend at my class.  
The boxes themselves are super cute and pretty easy, they're the classic sour cream box.  Make a tube with your cardstock then press it closed for the bottom and press it closed in the opposite direction for the top.  Easy peasy!  The tags are super cute with the little bunny peeps!  I actually hate marshmallow peeps, I just think they're awful but these little peeps are so cute and I could have a whole heard of these!  Make sure to check my Facebook page for all the updates from the craft weekend!

Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!

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