Monday, November 23, 2015

Wrapping Up The Vineyard Weekend

Finally I have my post going over the Vineyard weekend.  I already seems like it happened so long ago, it was really just a week ago!  The first few pictures are taken with my phone because I forgot my real camera.  I'm sure it wouldn't have seemed like I forgot anything but I did :(  We had a little bit of a later start on Friday because of room issues with the hotel but once we got in, it was a quick set up!  Here's my spot before anything happened.  I've brought an extra, smaller table the last few times I've gone and I love it.  My working table is less cluttered and I feel I can do more....don't know if I do but I feel I can.
 My table was all the way on the left side of the room.  I do admit I lite being in the corner though :)  I was the first one down on Sunday morning so I snapped a quick shot of the whole room.  There's 28 spots total and LOTS of crafting going on!!! 
The theme of this weekend was a Vineyard so of course we had a wine tasting drinking station set up.  I think the final count of wine consumed was 22 bottles plus a few bottles that were half finished.  That was just on wonder no one was down early on Sunday ;) 
Saturday night was also the night of the big Holly Holm v. Ronda Rousey fight. Holly Holm is from Albuquerque, so everyone was interested in seeing what happened.  A lot of the girls ended up crowding around Hope's phone to see the fight.  It was hilarious, and so much screaming!  LOL!!!  
Again we were spoiled by Michelle.  Every detail is always thought out and planned perfectly!  Our first night we had a tag swap, the tags are all so fun and cute, there's lots of Christmas so they'll be used this year! We got a huge bag for one of the make and takes.  There's so many other fun things there too, the Tree Builder Punch-everyone got one!! There's a roll of Burlap ribbon, gift card holders, a frame, chalk marker, sequins, bakers twine and more!!!!!!  Of course I don't attend these weekends for all the fun gifts, they're fun but not the reason I go.  I love spending time with friends, some who I just meet or don't get to see much.  It's a nice weekend get away for a busy mom, they're so relaxing, and worry free!!!  Plus I get unlimited and uninterrupted crafting time which you simply cannot put a price tag on.  Huge thanks again to Michelle for all her hard work and dedication!!  She's an incredible planner, it all shines through on these weekends!!!     
The dates for the next weekend haven't been announced yet.  Michelle is still working with the hotel on that, but the theme will be Disney and I couldn't be more excited!!!!!   I'll have all my projects that I made to share over the next couple weeks, they're really cute, you don't want to miss them!!!
Thanks for looking see you soon!!!

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