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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Corks And More Corks

 Since this was a Vineyard themed weekend we had lots of projects with corks.  I made all of these prior to the weekend for varies things.  The first is a photo or card holder.  Very simple, a little hot glue some ribbon, a super cute and quick decoration.  The next is a bottle stopper, when you just can finish that wine :)  We used these for the door prize.  Very cute!!! 
 The key chains are probably my favorite.  Again really simple.  I used and eye screw and screwed it in the top of the cork and added a few beads to jazz it up a little.  So quick and easy though! 
Finally, because I had an excessive amount of corks I used some for some Christmas ornaments for some gifts for my friends who also attended the weekend.  Again I just screwed a eye screw in the cork added the ornament.  I have lots of corks left.  I'll probably do more with them for Christmas :)

Thanks for looking, see you soon!!! 

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