Friday, November 13, 2015

All Packed

While I was packing earlier this week for our Vineyard Craft Weekend I decided to snap a few photos of the packing {overpacking} process.  I don't have any specific projects planned like I have in the past.  I have a few things jotted down in a notebook that would be fun to do but if I don't do them this time no biggie. I have a few ideas and techniques that I want to try but no real plans.  So I need to prepare for everything!  The first things I ALWAYS pack are the essentials: paper, stamps, ink.  In that order.  Paper first.  I take 10 sheets of almost every color.  Colors I know I won't use I pack 4 or 6 sheets of each.  Even though I know I won't use them I still have to take them, because what IF?  (I have to pack in even numbers...because......doesn't everyone do that???)  I pack LOTS of white, Crumb Cake, Vanilla, etc. colors I know I'll use lots of.  Here's the stack of paper.......obviously that's more paper then I'll ever need for 2 days, but I have no idea what colors I'll need or how much, it's better to be prepared.....for everyone....apparently.
In the past I used to label every color with post it notes, this time I'm going with just labeling the color groups.  I feel I know the colors well enough not to need to label them.  All my 8.5 x 11 cardstock fits perfectly in this bag and it zips so it stays nice and clean :)  At the craft weekend this bag sits nicely on the floor next to me and I can easily grab any color I need.  Paper: CHECK! 
Next up is stamps. This is the biggest tote bag I own......I won't tell you how big it is but my 5 year old can sit in it.  I basically sit in front of my stamps and pull out stamps that I know I'll use, think I'll use or just like to have nearby.  I don't know how many stamps are in there.  I don't want to know because what if it's an uneven number, then I have to pick another set to bring or goodness forbid I have to put one back.  It's better not to know.  The rotary stamp HAS to go!  IF I do crazy animal punch art, I need a fun, silly pun to go with it.  My rotary stamp saves the day every time!  I also have lots of greetings, backgrounds, and everything in between.  Stamps: CHECK!    
Ink is next.  This square tote is perfect for my ink.  I take every ink pad....EVERY INK PAD.  Again probably excessive, but who knows what I'll make, in what color and what if I have the cardstock but not the coordinating ink.  I sleep better knowing it's all there.  I take every marker, and every refill.  Could you imagine the horror of finding the perfect project, stamping only to realize you need to re-ink your pad.  {shutter} It's better not to think about it if you ask me.  Oh and my sponge daubers are put in this bag too.  Ink: CHECK! 
I won't go through the rest of the bags, but I have nearly everything you could image packed.  I have a bag that has embossing essentials, I still pack some punches and dies (Michelle brings all of hers but I pack ones that she may or may not have, or framelits that coordinate with specific stamps that I'll need).  I have a bag with adhesives, kits, blocks, etc.  Then there's essentials like snacks and drinks and the last bag to be packed is my clothes and personal items.  All together I'm taking about 12 bags :)  Make sure to check my Facebook page all weekend, I'll be posting LOTS and might have some fun giveaways there :)  I'm sure I'll have plenty to share in the coming weeks from my adventures at the Vineyard Craft Weekend!!! 

Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!


Kim said...

I love this post! It completely explains WHY I stalk you ... you're just as crazy as I am! Now ... if we could only figure out how to transfer some of your OCD behavior over to the protection and preservation of those beautiful wood mount stamps we would really be getting somewhere!

Kim In Texas said...

What a great post! So which 31 bag do you put your paper in? I love the utility bag too. It is great for throwing a lot of lose things in.