Friday, April 3, 2015

Mickey and Minnie Love

This is it, the last project from scrapbook weekend.  Possibly my favorite card.....ever!!!!  If you've been with me for a while you might remember this card that I made a couple years ago.  I'm having a really hard time decideing which I like better.  I tend to only make Mickey and Minnie from the back.  I think their faces are so complex that I'm not sure it can be achieved, to my level of Disney perfection, with punches, so I tend to steer clear of their faces and that's also the reason why I don't do other characters too.  I think I'm afraid of messing up a character really badly and boy that would be hard to face.  This card though, even though there's one minor mistake, I'm super pleased with!  It passed the Disney test!  The hardest part of doing Mickey and Minnie is the ear/head ratio.  The ears can't be too big/small for the head and ear placement is everything, they can't be too close or to far apart.  If you can't get the ear/head ratio correct, there's no use continuing, in my world anyway.   
Surprisingly, there weren't alot of punches used.  Heads-1 3/8" Circle, Ears-1" Circle, Bodies-XL Oval, Legs/Arms-Word Window, Shoes/Hands-Small Oval, Skirt-Scallop Circle, Pants-Tag.  Some of these pieces require extra trimming, like the hands and shoes.  It's little details that just have to be done with scissors.  Some of you reading might be going: "This girl is out of her mind, she's some kind of crazy Disney lady."  It's true, both my husband and I are very particular about Disney--everything.  We used to work at DisneyWorld, it's actually where we met.  I don't know if I'm so much of an expert, certainly not as much as he is, but we're pretty particular about it all :)  It's probably why this is my favorite card!
Thanks so much for bearing with me over the last month while I shared the projects from scrapbook weekend.  I'll be back Monday will new stuff! 
Happy Easter!!!     
Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!!!


Bobbi Miller said...

Ruth, you are...without ANY doubt, the PUNCH ART QUEEN! I love every single punch project you make, and this is WAY over the top! Your fear of doing faces is unfounded though; I've seen some of your punch art faces and they are just perfect! Especially the eyes! So adorable! I love love love this card. It's perfect, just like your creativity! Hugs!

Kampin' Karen said...

We are huge fans of the mouse! We spend our birthdays, anniversary, Halloween, Christmas, Easter, Food and Wine Festival and Flower and Garden Festival there every year. We are DVC members and just can't get enough!! Thank you for sharing this card and I am going to try to CASE it to give to my husband for our 47th this year.