Saturday, June 28, 2014

Rainbow Butterflies

A Saturday Post?????  Yes!  Until we get through all the projects I made at the Scrapbooking Weekend I will be posting every day, even weekends!!  Now that I've shared my 'big projects' from the weekend, it's time to dive into the cards....there's a LOT of them!  Deciding what order to put them in is going to be challenging, though I don't assume that matters too much.  Before we get into the cards, let me say that I believe that most of my cards from the weekend (not all of them) were CASED from other cards that I've seen.  I'm excellent at looking at a card, especially punch art and breaking it down and making it my own. I love doing that!!  Sometimes, lightning does strike and I have an original idea but a lot of the time I'm being inspired by others.  I will try to link back to the original sites that I saw these ideas on.  I believe that if you're going to CASE something you should give credit where it's due.  I do make every attempt to do that.  Sometimes though, I fail and I don't pin that card that I thought I did, etc.  but I do try :)  So in the next 10 days or so when you're looking at all these cards, please know that I've been inspired by others!!  In the same spirit I hope that this blog does the same thing.  I hope that you see something here, that it sparks your creativity, and you share it!  Ok onto this card!
I'm a sucker for rainbow cards.  I love them, I think they're beautiful and I think SU has some of the best colors to make these rainbow effect cards.  Our brights collection has the full spectrum, I LOVE IT!!!  This is the card that inspired this one.  I love the hearts on the original but I'm also a huge fan of butterflies!!!  I did sooooo much sponging, not only on this card but on all of my cards and projects.  By the end of the weekend.  I had ink under my nails, and stained onto my hands :)  It's all good though, just a sign of a good crafty weekend!!  There's no big secrets on this card.  I used the Gorgeous Grunge set and the Butterfly and Bitty Butterfly Punches.  I finished the butterflies with a small white circle and the coordinating Candy Dots, which reminds me I need to order more.......on the list it goes!  As I share the rest of my cards over the next couple of weeks please comment and let me know what you love, what maybe you don't love. 
Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!

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