Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Camp Crop A Lot

I spent last weekend at the best summer camp around, Camp Crop A Lot!!  We camped in a Marriott that had a Starbucks in the lobby.  THAT. IS. MY. KIND. OF. CAMPING!  I've mentioned before but it's worth saying again, my downline Michelle organizes these scrapbook weekends.  She does a phenomenal job!!  And word is getting out about the best scrap booking retreat ever, this one had more people than the the other two I've attended.  Our camp sites opened at 3pm on Friday, I was there by 2:45pm (maybe a few minutes earlier).  I wasn't going to miss a second of camping!
Our sites are set up in the ballrooms of the hotel.  We each get an entire table to ourselves.  They're big tables too!  I had plenty of room!  My campsite was #2 on the left side.  I was surrounded by all my wonderful downline and sidelines and friends from Stampin' Up!  We had so much fun!!!   
Here's what my campsite looked like when I arrived.  We get a sheet a grid paper, a notepad to track our purchases for meals (Michelle's orders out and pays for it all, we keep track and pay her back at the end of the weekend).  An adorable cup, which came in handy, you can really work up a thirst camping!  Then the large, metal trashcan.  I love it.  It's under my desk right now!
Michelle also leaves an agenda for us for the weekend.  So cute!!!  We had lots of make and takes, and lots of door prize drawings!  We even went fishing (with gummy worms) and hiking (to the lobby), and we had a pajama party under the stars on Saturday night.  The little camper is the cutest thing!!  She cut that out with her Cricut, she also carved a camper with our Undefined Kit, she stamped it on the bottom of the notepad in the picture above. 

This was my campsite after I set up.  It's nice and clean isn't it!  I did rearrange it a little when I sat down, I realized I was going to need more stuff in closer arms reach than I originally placed it.  By the end of the weekend it wasn't nearly this clean and organized!
Michelle brings every punch, every die, every embossing folder she owns for us to use.  It cuts down on what we have to pack (especially me, I use the punches like a crazy woman!).  She has every punch you could image and every die and embossing folder you can image!!  Plus 2 Big Shots and the Boutique Embossing Machine.
This is the room from the very far end where I was.  Nichole's table is the first one, I'm just to the left of Nichole, you can see my blue bag on the table.  Lot's of people, wonderful people.  Tons of creative energy going on!  Most people were scrap booking, I had intentions to scrapbook, but the one time I pulled out my laptop to do some MDS, I just wasn't feeling it. What I did create is pretty amazing, guess I just have to find time to MDS at home!
For our Under The Stars Pajama Party on Saturday night we all got to carve our own stamps!  I was blown away by the amazing art everyone did!!  Check it out!!!  If you haven't tried the undefined kit, you need to!!  I did a turtle and wrote under it "I turtley love you" (an idea I saw on pintrest).
Thank goodness I brought this power strip, every single plug was used the entire weekend.  We had laptops, silhouettes, chargers, heat tools and who knows what else plugged in at any time :)  This was toward the end of the weekend.  Can you see the crafting chaos going on all around the power strip :)  There's a small shot of one of my favorite projects in of the weekend in this picture, can you find it.......?
I got home Sunday afternoon, to a very happy husband and kids glued to Frozen on the TV.  They didn't even say hello to me until it was over :/ I spent Monday morning unpacking and taking pictures of my many creations.  Here's all the stuff that Michelle's gave us through out the weekend.  I hope I got everything here.  I was putting stuff away and half of it was put away before I realized I needed a picture of everything, I hope I pulled it all back out!  We got so much stuff though, Michelle is amazing!!  I think the thing I'm most excited about it the Project Life card kit, we got the Everyday Adventures one.  You know I don't scrapbook on paper but I'm excited to work with the cards in other ways!  For right now the box and the journaling pens that she gave us are in my kitchen.  The cards are the perfect size for me to stick notes in lunchboxes, or to start a quick shopping list, jot down a recipe, etc.  It's not the intended use for the cards but it working for me!  Thanks so much Michelle for all your hard work!!!  She is truly amazing!!!  I can't wait until the next one, in November I'm already signed up!!!!  You can check out Michelle's blog here.  I have A LOT of projects to share.  I'll just be doing one, maybe 2 a day until we're done, keep checking back you don't want to miss any of them!!! 
Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!

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