Thursday, June 26, 2014

Frozen Megan

Do you have a child?  Is that child a 3 year old girl?  Is that 3 year old girl obsessed with Frozen?  I do!  Every time we get in the car, the first words out of Megan's mouth are, "can we listen to Frozen?" Although lately it's been, "can you put on Frozen number 4" (or whatever number she chooses that day.  This was the first project I started on.  I found these letters at a big box craft store.  They're chip board letters.  I turned each letter into a different Frozen character.  The letters are all done the same.  I traced them onto the cardstock I wanted to use, cut it out and adhered it with Tombow.  Really that's it!  Now if you haven't watched Frozen yet (you're in the minority here) then you might want to skip over this post.  If you have seen Frozen, or live and breath it like I do, then you might want to keep scrolling.
The M is Sven, the reindeer. The bottom half is Crumb Cake, the top is Very Vanilla.  All of it is sponged in Crumb Cake ink.  The Vanilla piece was cut randomly to resemble Sven's fur.  I added a Real Red harness and Crushed Curry dots.  I added a star medal (I know in the movie it's neither a star or gold, but I think that's a minor issue). 
The E is, who else Elsa!  There's so much sparkle on this letter it makes my heart happy.  I knew packing that I was going to need to create the sparkle somehow.  I wasn't quite sure how I was going to do it.  I took a few options.  Fortunately for me, the first thing I tried worked wonderfully.  I mixed Crystal Effects and Dazzling Diamonds glitter.  Don't ask me how much of each, I don't know.  I made this mixture many times over the weekend and each time is was a glob of Crystal Effects and some glitter :)  Once the mixture was made I just used a paint brush to brush it onto whatever I needed to add glitter too.  You'll see this mixture a lot over the next week or so.  I loved the look of it I was adding glitter to EVERYTHING!!!  Elsa is wearing a cape, Vellum brushed with the glitter.  Her skin is White cardstock that I colored using the skin tones Blendabilities. Her braid is Very Vanilla sponged lightly with Smoky Slate.  I love this letter :) 
The G was my most challenging letter.  I really struggled to get Olaf's pieces in the right place.  In the end I'm super satisfied.  Carmelita (sitting next to me, who also happens to live with a small obsessed little girl) suggested that his pieces be 'scattered' around since there's many moments in the movie where he's not always 'put together'.  He is cute though :)
The A is Anna.  She was the first one that I did.  You'll notice if you look really close that I colored the sides of her letter with black.  I'll do that to all of them, my plan was to do them all there but that was far to time consuming.  That will be done prior to hanging them in Megan's room.  Her cape is Rich Razzleberry, and her dress is Black, Crushed Curry and Pacific Point.  She's really sweet too.
Finally the N.  The N is Kristoff.  He was probably the easiest.  His lines are straight (though in the movie his clothes are a little different, but that's ok.  I'm still happy with it.  I used Black, Real Red, Smoky Slate, White and Crumb Cake.   
Finally the crown that goes with it all.  I covered the entire thing in Crushed Curry Cardstock then added a ton of glitter.  The snowflake is done the same way but in Coastal Cabana Cardstock to match Elsa's dress.  So so so pretty and sparkly!!!! 
Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!!!

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