Friday, June 13, 2014

Perfect Peacock

I don't normally do two posts on Friday's but since I'm pretty much prepared for stamp camp (Yay!), the kids are content with Curious George, and I'm so in love with these peacocks I thought I'd do an extra post today!!  These peacocks are NOT completed cards, they're just pieces of white cardstock cut to 5.5x4.25.  I'm sure they'll make their way to a completed card :)  I got a small order of new stuff on Wednesday, the Perfect Peacock stamp (and a few more Blendabilities). 
But before we get to the stamps, let's go back a little.  I KNEW I'd be ordering the peacock stamp, so last week I took the kids to the zoo with one mission, find a peacock.  I wanted to get colors correct and I just wanted to see more details on a real peacock.  It wasn't until we got the elephants that I found the 'right' peacock.  We saw others, but they were either females, young males with small tails or just plain shy.  Then we met this guy, who was more than happy to strut around and let me take pictures of him.  He was posing and just loved the camera and all the attention he was getting, silly peacock :)  Now, I knew taking these pictures that I wouldn't be able to color match him perfectly...yet!  I don't yet have all the blendablilities.  Even though right now they're not available (except to demonstrators--sign up today for only $50) not all the colors are available.  So I'll have to color him again when I have ALL the colors!  That rich deep blue is beautiful, but not a color I have, so I knew I'd have to improvise a little.....for now :) 
So now that you've seen the real guy, here's mine.  It's gorgeous!!  I did it Wednesday night, I'm surprised it turned out so well.  The lighting is bad at night in my stamp room.  When I was done I snapped a quick picture on my phone and put it on my Stampin' Facebook Page.  It was pretty popular and a bad picture!  So the next day, I used my real camera in daylight and took a better picture where the colors were more vibrant.  Again, popular!  I posted it again, on another Stampin' Up page on facebook, it's a group that shares creative ideas and there it got over 80 likes!!!  I love it, I guess I did a good job :)
I also posted this purple peacock one.  I asked everyone in the house which one they like better, to my surprise both male in my house choose the purple one......hmmmm.  I do LOVE it.  The tail is beautiful!!!  While I was coloring it, I kept thinking of the song in Aladdin when they sing about the purple peacocks (you gotta be a die hard Disney fan like me to come up with this stuff!).  Go watch Aladdin you'll see it's in the Prince Ali song that the Genie (Robin Williams) sings :)  "Purple peacocks He's got fifty-three (fabulous harry, I love the feathers)"  That's the movie trivia part of this post, back to the stamping!
Finally I did this one last night, with Megan.  She picked the colors of everything. When she asked me to do a yellow one, I thought that won't be pretty.  But I was wrong it's more of a golden color, it's gorgeous!!!!  Now these are not quick to color.  The first one took me a good hour to color.  By the time I got to this yellow one and kind of knew where the lines were I was able to do it in about 45 minutes.  Still not quick, but time goes fast.  And it doesn't feel like an hour.  The first one I started, then when I was done I looked at the clock and was a little shocked that that much time had gone by.  Turn on some music or a movie (maybe a Disney one-I hear Aladdin's a great move) and just color.  I will be doing a special Blendabilities class, once they're available so look for that coming soon.  They're so much fun to use and really if I can do it, ANYONE can!!!  That is it from me today. I'd love to hear your thoughts on my peacocks, what colors would you use?? 
Thanks for looking see you soon!!!!


Bobbi Miller said...

Ruth, I love them ALL, every single one! I have my eye on that stamp too, because I do love to color. Most of my girls in my classes though, are not color people. Won't they freak out when I say we're coloring this peacock? Nah...guess I won't do that to them. But, it sure is a pretty stamp, and your coloring is great. I'd be happy to "attend" your blendabilities class too, so keep me in mind. LOL Hugs and have a great weekend!

Mary said...
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Mary said...

Wow, that real peacock is beautiful! You are very committed to go to the zoo to take photos so you could get the colors correct. I like the first one best (I tend to like "realistic" colors), but they're all beautiful!