Sunday, June 29, 2014

It's Time!!

I'm not sure what it's time for, I'm sure it's time for something!  This card doesn't have a greeting, I wasn't sure what to put on this card....ideas anyone??  But I saw this card on Pintrest and it's so cute, so simple and I knew I HAD to make it!!!  So cute!!  This card is really simple actually.  The clock is two of the circle framelits, two of the larger ones, I'm not entirely sure which ones exactly, but that part doesn't matter much, you can make your clock as big or as little as you want!  The arrows are from the new punch that looks like a little house, the What's Up Punch.  I know it's not meant to be a house but when I first saw it in the catalog, I immediately
thought HOUSE!!!  It could be used for either an arrow or an house :)  For the clock I used the smaller arrow in that punch and cut off the feathery ends. 
The bell part of the clock (I really don't know what that's called, I'm sure it has a name), that's a circle punch cut in half, couldn't be easier.  Which circle will depend on how big your clock is.  The spring scrapbooking weekend I was more together with everything, and wrote on a post it, sizes of punches, framelits etc.  I didn't do that this time, it will be far more challenging for me to figure all this out after they're made.......note to self.....WRITE IT DOWN!!!!  Finally the feet of the clock are just the Word Window Punch.  So so so so cute!!!  Oh and really quick the DSP is new DSP from the BEAUTIFUL Sweet Taffy package.  LOVE!!! 
Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!! 


Kim said...

For the sentiment ... maybe it could be something you print out yourself like ... "Time Flies When You're Having Fun" and you could use that for an anniversary card? Or maybe "Time to get together" and you could use the card as an invite .. to a friend for tea or a customer for class. (FYI ... THIS friend has never been to St. James Tea Room and is just waiting for someone to go with!) Or your sentiment could be "It's been a long time" or "Long time no-see" for a friend or customer you haven't seen for a while. Okay ... that's all I've got.

Bonnie said...

Great card! How about "It's time to celebrate a Birthday!" Or, for a retirement card, something about not needing an alarm clock anymore?

Jean S said...

Cute card! How about...I miss you all the time.