Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Birthday Butterflies

I know you're probably anxiously awaiting all the news from Camp Crop A Lot (or maybe not-I really don't know).  But if you are, don't worry all the fun, details will be coming starting tomorrow :)  I needed a couple days to catch up, sleep and get pictures taken.  So anyway I have a beautiful card that I wanted to share last week but couldn't because the person who I gave it to hadn't seen it.  She checks my blog so I wanted the first time she saw it to be in person.  But because it's oddly shaped, and really bumpy I knew it would take extra postage.  Well I didn't put on enough and it came back to me.  So it took longer than I thought to get to her but it finally did and I can share it!!! 
This card is cased from one I saw on Pintrest.  I can't find it now (of course).  But I loved the idea of all the butterflies in a row.  For the center of each butterfly I used the brads that used to come in our colors (now we have the fabulous candy dots!!!).  The only reason I used the brads and not the candy dots was because the candy dots wouldn't stick to the glimmer paper.  So the brads just hold it all together.  Other than that there's no real tricks on this card.  Lots of punching but it's so pretty and so worth it!!!
Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!!

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