Monday, September 9, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up

What a weekend it was!  It started Friday with me moving everything, EVERYTHING out of Logan's room.  Logan's room underwent a minor renovation this weekend.  What I assumed would be a 1 day project ended up being a 2+ day project.  I still have to finish tomorrow.  Logan's ceiling has some damage due to a water leak so we needed to repair that, we figured as long as we're fixing the ceiling we might as well paint the room, we've talked about it so long.  We asked Logan what colors he would want his room painted.  He wanted Broncos colors-blue and orange. 
The colors are close to broncos colors, he's happy so we're good!  Today I have to do a second coat of the orange along the trim then we're done.  Then I get to move everything, EVERYTHING back into his room. 
So where did everything go, into my living room.........see why I'm eager to get his room put back together.  Please don't linger on this photo, it's hideous!  However it's our life right least until later today.....tomorrow at the latest!!!  Logan has a LOT of stuff-we'll be getting rid of some of this, it's not going back into the nice new room :)
So where did Logan go during this whole thing?  Well Saturday night he camped out in Megan's room.  We learned very quickly this would be a one night event.  Sunday night he'd have to go back to his room.  Megan was so thrilled to have Logan for a roommate.  While HE feel asleep quickly, Megan proceeded to play, talk, read all around him until she finally feel asleep too.....on his mattress....on the floor.  There they both slept. 
Logan is an early riser, he gets up to read 6ish every morning.  Megan got up when Logan got up, but since she didn't have nearly the amount of sleep Logan had, staying awake at 6am proved to be too much for a little girl who wants so much to be like he big brother.  She fell asleep standing next to the couch, while Logan read next to her.  So that was my weekend, no stamp time, no MDS time.  This is the story you get :)  I'm hoping to have something tomorrow, if I don't though, I know you'll understand :)
Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!

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