Friday, September 13, 2013

Blog Hop-Holiday Catalog

Today is our blog hop, you may have just arrived from Michelle's blog if so welcome!  If this is your first stop make sure you hop all the way through until you end up back here.  Today we're featuring products from the Holiday Catalog.  I decided to use a product (products) that I hadn't even opened yet even though I've had it since July!  I opened up the Thankful Tablescape Simple Created Kit.  This years catalog is FULL of kits.  This is just one of the amazing kits.  There's a ton of stuff in this kit!!!  There's materials for 10 place settings.  There's table tents, centerpiece wraps, chalk board labels twine, die cut leaves.  Seriously it's a ton of stuff!  I wasn't quite sure what I'd do with it all, goodness knows I wouldn't be decorating my Thanksgiving table.  I'm lucky just to get edible food on it :)  So I thought I'd save it until I was inspired enough to use it.  My inspiration came this week here
She had made kind of a prayer notebook.  A place where you can keep track of who needs prayers, perhaps what specifically they need prayers for.  You can even use it as more of a prayer journal too.  I loved her idea and made my own version.  I used the 'napkin holders' for the pouch to hold my notebook.  I decorated that with some of the other embellishments in the kit. 
The element that most impressed me with this kit was the chalkboard tags.  I just assumed they would be black cardstock, they're not!  They actually feel like a chalkboard.  They're really smooth and I'm not quite sure how to describe them, but they're so much more than just black cardstock.  They're pretty amazing!  If Stampin' Up! decided to sell it in sheets, I would buy it....especially if it came in other colors!

Here's a closer look at the notepad.  I used all 10 of the journeling cards to make it.  The kits are so nicely packed and everything is individually wrapped.  To make my notepad a little more sturdy I used the cardboard that the journaling cards were packaged with.  Works great!
I used some of the DSP that came in the kit to cover the cardboard.  I thought leaving it just 'brown' was not pretty at all :)  The DSP wasn't quite long enough to cover the entire board, so I used 2 pieces and one of the 'band' pieces of DSP to hid the middle.   
Here's one more quick project I did with the elements from this kit.  I made little pouches and I filled them with some stamping goodies.  These will be my door prizes for my class tomorrow.  I think they're adorable and they were so simple to make.  Let's continue on with the hop!  Next up is Amber's blog!

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