Friday, June 1, 2012


We all love UPS, especially when they bring us some new stamps!  Last night at our meeting, I showed this fun MDS Hybrid project that will make even your UPS man smile!!!!  I created this fun door hanger in MDS, using the Epic Overlays download.  It's just an 8.5x11 paper.  Then I had it printed and made a fun door hanger.  Since we give the demo's out at the meeting and I would have no idea who got mine I made it work for anyone. 
This is mine that I made for my house, as you can see it's customized a little more.  I added a fun scalloped border.  I used mine for the first time last week when I was expecting an order.  I wasn't sure what the UPS man would do, when I returned home he had turned the door hanger around and left my box!!  WHOOOHOO new stamps.  I sure hope he smiled a little when he saw my fun door hanger.  I so wish I could take all the credit for this, but it was an idea from my MDS idol Heather Summers.  She showed a different door hanger and another member of the class posted a UPS one.  I loved it and HAD to make it!!!!!!  Today is the first day of the new catalog, I'll be posting links a little later.  Online ordering will begin at noon.  Yay for the new catalog!!!!
Thanks for looking see you soon!!!!

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Bobbi Miller said...

ADORABLE! what a super cool idea! love it! :-) :-)