Thursday, June 7, 2012

Summer Starfruit???

This is my least favorite Stampin' Up! color ever.  I think either you love it or you hate.  There's really no in between with this color.  Somehow though it's super popular and I've seen it everywhere.  Now this is either because people love it or it's because they hate and they want to use it up :)  I'm not sure if this color will every 'grow' on me like some of the other in colors have I guess we'll find out.  Wouldn't it be hilarious if in 2 years when it's time to say good bye to these colors it will be the color I miss the most :)  Don't cross your fingers!  Since it's such a 'popular' color I thought I'd show you a few more swaps from our meeting last week that use it.  The first card is Kim M's demo card, but it still showcases it nicely.  I think when paired with the right color it's ok, but I'm still not a fan.  But I do love this card :)

This card is by LaRee.  I like it in the DSP!  I'm glad LaRee used the other colors for the flowers though ;) 
The next card is by Liz K.  Like I said earlier when paired with other colors it can be a nice color.  Maybe I'm just a little closed minded on this color.
This card I love, didn't think I would but I do!  It's Amber's card and it's somehow works.  So what about you???  Do you love this color?  Hate it?  I want to know.  Is it just me???  Leave me a comment and let me know.
Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!


Kim said...

I'm currently "tolerating" summer starfruit. I don't think I "hate" it, but it's certainly not going to be a "go to" color for me. I can say that the reason it made it on to my card that you've shown here is because I did feel like it is a bit of a "retro" color and therefore was fitting on that card which is a bit vintage, in my opinion. Will I be ordering a full pack of summer starfruit this year? Probably not. But I'll probably try to find ways to make it work in some of my projects. I was thinking that this will be a fairly good color for "fall" projects. (Still not buying a full pack of it, but I'm just sayin')

Anonymous said...

I don't like it, you are not alone.