Monday, January 11, 2010

Addicted to Milk Cartons

Yep I'm addicted to the Mini Milk Carton Die! I've made a ton of them and I love everyone of them!!

I didn't get as much time to stamp with my new toys this weekend as I thought I would. Saturday was spent at Target cleaning them out of those little mini mailboxes they have there. Have you seen them? They're adorable. I got 16 of them-not for me though. My mom's group at church is making table center pieces for the church's annual dinner this month. We're going to cover the mailboxes with paper and then set them on the tables with flowers coming out of each end. We'll it will be much cuter then it sounds :) So Saturday was spent driving around with my Mom getting supplies for this project. Sunday I cleaned my desk! I had since been working in a 6 inch square because there's so much stuff piled on my desk. So I had to clean it so that I could play with new stuff! My first thing I want to play with is the new heart cups! Can't wait to play with those! I'll definitely play more with my new stuff this week!

For today's project I have yes another milk carton. This one I think is my favorite so far. We made this one at a class a couple weeks ago. I just love the felt flowers too. I already have more and can't wait to use them!

Isn't it just the most adorable thing you've ever seen! I really want to make a hundred of these milk cartons-but what would I do with them. Any ideas?? I really really want to make them for baby shower favors, wouldn't that be cute?!!? Well maybe I'll get my chance-I happen to know a few pregnant friends now....
One last thing, here's what finally came on Friday! Isn't it the most exciting site you've ever seen!?! I order frequently, more frequently then I should, but I rarely have this many boxes come at once, so it was all too exciting! Poor UPS man had to make 2 trips to his truck on a Friday afternoon. He was exhausted and you could tell.

Cardstock: Rose Red, Chocolate Chip
Accessories: Sweet Pea Felt Flowers, Big Shot, Mini Milk Carton die, Library Clips, Dimensionals
Thanks for looking, see you tomorrow for Tutorial Tuesday!

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Nicole Black said...

I found the Target mailboxes too, they are a gret craft find. You will have to post the center piece when done.