Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tutorial Tuesday-St Patty's Day Leprechaun with punches

Yeah! I'm so excited for this Tutorial, I just love my little Leprechaun! It's a pretty long tutorial and I edited it down as much as I could so bear with me, there's a lot of steps, but I promise you will LOVE the Leprechaun at the end!
So let me tell you how this little guy came about. Jane, a demo in our group, works at Home Depot and every month she decorates the registers with a different stamped image. She was trying to come up with something for March. I said what if you could make a Leprechaun with punches! DING! A little bell went off in my head and I made it my mission to figure out how to do it. Now it takes a little bit of time and there are a lot of little pieces so I'm not sure if she'll want to make 20 of them. But here it is if she does!
So here's what you'll need to get started, punches, lots of punches and lots and lots of 2-way glue.

Heart to Heart punch-3 small hearts, Green Galore
Boho Blossom punch-smallest flower, 2 Blush Blossom and 2 Ruby Red
Word Window-2 Black, 6 Glorious Green, 1 Gable Green
1 1/4 circle punch-1 Blush Blossom, 1 Glorious Green
1 3/4 circle punch-1, only punch 3/4 of the circle
Tag punch-1 Gable Green, 2 Glorious Green (but don't punch them yet, I'll show you a special way to do it.)
Crop a Dial-Used the smallest punch, 6 Summer Sun, 2 Black. 1 Pretty in Pink
1/4 square punch-2 Summer Sun, 1 Black
1/2 circle punch-6 Summer Sun
Alright let's get started! We'll work from the top down. Let's start with his hat.
Cut your Glorious Green 1 1/4 circle so that you have a flat edge. Glue it to one of your Black word window punches. Trim the black around the edges. Flip it over and glue one of your Glorious Green word window punches to make the brim of the hat.

Glue your 3 Green Galore hearts together to make a shamrock. Use a small scrap for the stem. Your hats done!

For his face, you'll glue the 2 Black circles from the crop a dial for his eyes and the Pretty in Pink one for his nose. Now this was a pretty challenging task, I had to use my tweezers. Use the 2 Ruby Red flowers for his hair and glue them on the side of his face toward the top. Attach his hat. Use a black marker to make him smile and a blender pen with Pretty in Pink ink for his rosy cheeks. Whew! Done with his head. Let's keep going.

Remember I said I would show you a trick to punch the Glorious Green, here we go. It's going to be his jacket, so we don't want the whole punch just about half. Punch 2 just as pictured in the photo above.

Glue them to the Gable Green tag, hanging over the edges a little.

Trim the Gable Green edges.

Use 1 Glorious Green word window punch, cut in half for his arms. Cut the Blush Blossom flowers so that only 4 petals show for his hands. Attach them to the back of his arms.

Use the Black 1/4 square for his belt and the rest of the tiny Summer Sun circles from the crop a dial for his buttons. Attach the head to the body. Only the legs and feet to go...

Use one Glorious Green word window punch for each of his legs. Cut the Gable Green word window punch and attach to the end of the Glorious Green word windows.

For his shoes, you'll use another Glorious Green word window and slide it back into the punch and punch it again to make a small oval. Do it again with your remaining word window.

Make the heel of his shoe by cutting a small triangle out of the bottom. For the buckles on his shoes, use the 2 Summer Sun 1/4 squares, cut them in half and then cut a tiny notch out of them. I found my hobby blade helpful to cut the tiny pieces. Attach his shoes to the end of the word windows.

TA DA!!!
Wait we're not done, he needs a pot of gold right?

Use the Black 1 3/4 circle and the Black word window to make the pot. Layer the Summer Sun 1/2 circles in there for the gold. I sponged my Summer Sun pieces to give the gold some depth. Now attach both the Leprechaun and pot to the card and you're done! Whew, that was hard work!

Here he is done. Boy do I need a St. Patrick's Day stamp!

Thanks for looking, see you tomorrow!


Terry Molineux said...

Ruth....omgosh what a great tutorial I just copied it so I can do it later this week....thanks so much for sharing. LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!

lifesabeach32940 said...

Ruth ~

This is an AWESOME tutorial!! Thank you for putting as much detail in it as you did. I'm off to look at the rest of your blog ... I just subscribed, as your work is WONDERFUL!! :)

Sue from Oregon said...

OH MY GOSH...how cute is this...going to have to give it a try!

Anonymous said...

I am a new follower to your blog--and your little leprechaun takes the cake (or the pot). This is fantastic!

kareNstampZ said...

This is fantastic - i too don't own a leprechaun stamp