Friday, January 9, 2009

Altoid tin....Transformed

Happy Friday! The new catalog comes out in 10 days, that's right only 10 DAYS! Which also means you only have 10 days to get anything on the retired stamp list or the retired accessories list. On to the project for today.

This is such a cute idea--but I can't take credit for it. And for all you candle lovers out there you'll love it. One of the other demos in our group showed it to me last year. I can't remember if it was Kim 1 or Kim 2 (Yes we have 2 super creative Kim's in our group and those are the most creative names we can come up with). Both Kim's are extremely talented so either one of them could have come up with this, but to be honest I just don't remember which one it was, but I know it was one of the Kim's......I it was definatly one of them.
This little tin is an altoid tin, I just decorated the front, with the Summer Picnic DSP, gotta use it before it's gone forever right? I'm not thrilled about the blue hearts or the chunky glitter I put on it. So the outside looks a little off to me. I still like it, it just looks a little off.

But on the inside of the tin......
There is a little candle and some matches. It's so cute!! I found these heart candles at Wal Mart, last Valentines, I saved them for an entire year. Moved them to a new house. Just to make this project, this Valentines Day.
I do love the chunky glitter on the match box.

Just a quick tip, when you wrap the match box, make sure to leave one of the sides uncovered so that you can light the matches. Now this may seem obvious to you, but the first one I made, I covered the whole box. Yeah, alot of good the matches are now-way to go! So I made sure to do it right this time.
Thanks for looking, see you tomorrow!

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