Thursday, October 1, 2015

Watercolored Thoughts

 It's October 1.....what is happening to the year?  Where did it go?  Can someone please make the earth stop spinning so fast!  Just my random thought for the day, you're welcome!  Today's card I just love, and it came about just with stuff I had lying around on my desk.  You see instead of cleaning my desk I just stamp around the mess and use what's there.  I had some watercolor paper and the Flower Patch stamp set was already out.....soooooo.  I love this card it looks like I spent a lot of time watercoloring it, confession it took mere seconds.

For the flower and the leaves I inked them up as I normally would to stamp, then I gently sprayed them with a little water.  Not enough to wash the ink away just enough to get the ink moving when it gets to the paper.  Stamp normally.  The water will react to the ink and move it around and you're left with a fun watercolored look.  If it's not moving around as much as you want spray your cardstock a little, the wet cardstock will also get the ink moving.  If it looks like it's spreading too much, hit it with your heat tool to dry it quickly and stop the flow.  Such a fun easy look!!!  To finish the card I did some glitter splatter (remember I told you I can't make a card without glitter....I'm not kidding....wait until tomorrow.....and Monday.....).  The glitter splatter is so easy, simply mix a little water and a little Tombow and use a paintbrush and 'splatter' the glue mixture over your project.  Sprinkle with glitter.  It's an easy technique that packs a big WOW!

Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!

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