Friday, October 9, 2015

Mini Box

I've shared before that I like to give gifts to my guests who attend my classes.  This is one of the rejected boxes for this months class.  Don't worry the gift I'm going with is soooooooo cute!!!!!  I wanted something simple, I have to make lots of them plus I'm running out of time (story of my life!).  I came up with this cute 2x2x2 inch box.  It's super cute and you could change the DSP and ribbon and use it for any occasion.  So why not this box.....well I found something cuter :)

The box is easy to make it's a 6x6 piece of cardstock scored at 2" on all 4 sides.  Cut the tabs on one side up to the score line, do the same on the opposite side.  (It doesn't matter which side they're all identical).      The lid is also simple, it's a 4x4 square, score at 15/16" on all 4 sides, I know that's a weird measurement, but if you don't make the lid slightly bigger it won't slide on and off your box easily.  Plus you need to leave room for the ribbon.  Assemble the lid in the same way you did the box.  Use an xacto knife and make two slits opposite from each other on the lid for the ribbon to slide though.  (You could also do this before assembling the lid, I did it after to make sure I cut the slits right on the fold, it's less noticeable and gives a more seamless finish.) 
The ribbon then goes under the box up through the lid on top via the slits and you can then tie a knot or a bow.  This box holds a lot, even though it's only 2x2.  I'm in the homestretch of my Christmas Card Stamp a Stack prep!  Yay!!!  Have a great weekend!

Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!

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