Friday, February 28, 2014

It All Worked Out....

 But WHAT WAS I THINKING!!!!!???  I blame Megan really, it was all her fault.  If you follow me on Facebook, you'll know that the past 2 days well really it was like 18 hours-minus a few for some sleep, I've been reorganizing my stamp room.  It was completely spur of the moment.  I had nothing planned. I just went with the flow.  I should have taken some before pictures so that you could get the full effect of the progress that was made, there was definite progress made.  But anyway here's what my room looks like when you first walk in.  You must know that I have to 'share' a room with Dan's office.  When I say share it's really more of an 90/10 deal :)  He has a little corner and half a wall for his stuff :)  The rest is mine.  Under the window is a little bare, eventually I'd like to put a bench with some storage under for, well more stuff! Before this redo it was lined with boxes of retired stamps, and other strange things, but now it's clear which just that alone is an improvement. 
Now I'll show you what was done and remember every one's stamp room is different, This is what works for me, what works for you might be something completely different.  I also have a fun, eclectic collection of storage things.  But again it works for me.  Find what works for you.  This is the main corner that was effected.  Previously it had a small bookcase and a couple of those rolling plastic drawer things.  I never liked those.  But here it is now. 
THIS is what started it. This was in Megan's room.  All four shelf's lined with those colorful boxes all filled with toys.  She got a different one on Wednesday, a fun Minnie Mouse one.  So this was was moved out of her room.  I looked at it and thought.....I wonder if my stamps could fit on that.....well they did and so began my redo.  My stamps used to be stored in a huge cabinet (you'll see it in a minute).  But it was hard to get into, dark and it was never an ideal storage solution.  I've always wanted my stamps out in the open where I could see and use them.  So I thought this was a great opportunity.  The old wood cases don't fit as well, so I may be investing in the new cases for all my sets.  Previously there was no need too. 
I can see the labels of all my sets, I can see what I have and it's going to work sooooo much better now!!!  I did utilize some of the boxes, I have candy dots, glitter, washi tape, wheels, bags, reinkers, etc. in them.  Accessories that are used fairly regularly but not so much that they need a permanent spot on my desk. 
Then I added this bookcase.  This is more storage for things I tend to use alot.  There's some stuff for the kids, there's a few business items, my laptop.  It will work well.  I have a basket full of dimensionals :)  Left side 3rd row.  Yes that's full of dimensionals and a few other adhesives :)  There's still a little organizing to do but it's already more organized then it was!    
This is the opposite side of the room.  That's the big cabinet that used to house my stamp sets.  In my head my original plan was to move it out but then that left me with a HUGE problem-Where does my Big Shot go?????  So immediately it was staying!  Now it holds all my retired stuff: stamps, accessories, etc. So that worked out well.  It's all off the floor and out of the way.  My desk and my filling cabinet for my cardstock never moved.  Yep, there's a whole lot more stamp sets there :)
My big shot station works well for me.  This is where it's always been and it's always worked well.  I have lots of dies right at my finger tips and I mounted a basket on the wall to store all my framelits so they're easy to sort through and find the ones I need.  The drawers of the cabinet hold other big shot stuff, platforms, plates, etc. 
Finally my desk.  This was not's pretty obvious :)  Reorganizing my desk will be my next priority but for now I'm really happy with my new room.  I think it's going to be so much more functional.  I still have some improvements to do but all in all it's a huge improvement!!!  Again all this works for me and my unique collection of storage is fun and functional.  Be creative and find what works for you and your space.  Have a great weekend!!!! 
Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!

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