Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Triangle Boxes

I've made these triangle boxes before.  You might remember these from last Easter.  Logan and Megan helped me make a bunch of them.  They're the same box just dressed up a little different.  They're so easy to make.  There's no really pattern or dimension for them.  You just need a piece of cardstock that's a rectangle.  That's it!!  I made versions here, with different sizes of rectangles! 
I'll explain with the first one how I made, then just give the dimensions for the others you make them the exact same way.  This one, the biggest one is made with a rectangle that's 5.5x8.5, so half a sheet of cardstock.  Score the 8.5 side in the middle at 4.25.  On the 5.5 side mark the center on the very top and very bottom of the cardstock (that would be 2.75) with a pencil.  Then score a line diagonally from your pencil mark to the score line in the center of the cardstock.  Do this in both directions on the top and the bottom for a total of 4 score lines.  I used a ruler and my bone folder to make the score lines.  Once you have those 4 lines score, then you just fold and assemble. 
There is no adhesive at all on these.  I used ribbon to tie them closed.  If you were worried about it staying closed you could use some adhesive on the sides but it's not necessary.  This box is a 5x4 rectangle.  I scored the 5 inch side in half at 2.5, then marked the top and bottom of the 4 inch side at 2.  Score your diagonal lines and fold together.  Isn't this one cute with the flower from the Sale a Bration set Petal Parade??
Finally this last one is 8.5x3.  Again score the 8.5 inch side at 4.25 and mark the other side at 1.5.  I originally planned to make all Valentine versions of this box, that's why they're all pink :)  When I started making them I decided to go in a different direction.  I hope you're enjoying 'Box It Up Week'.  I know I am!!  I still have lots to share though!!!!
Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!

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