Friday, April 12, 2013

Wait, Two In A Row!

 I have a second post today-who would have thought!?  Certainly not me, it wasn't in the plans for today, but who cares I'm going with it.  If you're on the birthday hop, no fear you can still participate in the hop, scroll down or go here for my blog hop post :) then you can continue on the hop.  So as I was sitting here this morning drinking my tea, watching Megan throw a kicking screaming fit because she got the wrong juice this morning (even though she was given 3 cups of 3 different kinds-apparently none of which she wanted) I thought, "Hmmmm it's going to be one of those days."  So while Megan was kicking and screaming as only a two year old can do I stumbled across Kimberly Van Diepen's blog today and she issued a challenge.  Make something with only what's on your desk!  A challenge I can get on board with and do this morning.  So I headed to my stamp desk, (making sure Megan could see-as she loves to join me when I stamp).  Sure enough she was better and ran into join me.  She picked her ink pad and one of the many stamps on my desk, I pulled her out some paper and she was finally content.  So I got to work.  I have tons of stuff on my desk.  Probably stamps from 4-5 different sets, punches, ribbon, ink, you name it, it's on my desk (except doilies!  I'll get to that later)!  So here's what I came up with. 
Remember this card from Monday, I told you I had stamped and cut out WAY too many of the little arrow things.  Well they too were on my desk so instantly I knew what to do!  I love this card!  It was quick to put together and I did truly use what was on my desk!  I did have a little breakdown when I realized I didn't have any doilies on my desk, as they were going to be an important part of my card!!!  How on earth could that be!  I used them less than 48 hours ago and they weren't there.  Sure those were the ONE thing I put away!  REALLY!??  What was the matter with me!!!!?!   But then I noticed the flower trim on my desk, all was saved!  Though I did contemplate 'cheating' and grabbing the doilies, yes they're put away but only about 5 feet from my desk--that still counts right???  But I refrained.  Anyway, Megan and I are going to go create a few more things, I have a thousand other things that I could do, probably SHOULD do but we're going to stamp instead!  Have a great Friday!!!
Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!


Anonymous said...

LOVE IT! Feel spoiled getting TWO Ruth posts in one day! TGIF, indeed! Have a great weekend. ~ Your stalker

Kimberly said...

Love this! Isn't it amazing what we find on our desks?? Thank you for taking the challenge. :) We should do this once a month. *giggle*