Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Super Heros

My kids are their own version of super hero's.  Logan has a cape that he likes to wear whenever he gets the chance.  He loves to run through the house with it on, he plays outside with it on and just loves it!  Then I saw (on Pintrest) how to use adult tee shirts to make capes for kids.  You're supposed to use tee's with the 'hero's' logo printed on it, but I thought I'd get some plain shirts and iron on Logan's 'own' super hero logo.  So, with his guidance, we made a logo for him in MDS.  He chose the colors and the star and it was all pretty simple, it was done in just a few minutes. 
Of course remember that if you're printing out and plan to iron on letters, words or anything that has a specific left right orientation than you need to print the reverse image so that after it's ironed on it's correct.  In MDS this is easy to do.  After you're done designing your page, just go to your top tool bar and click insert, then insert page reversed (or something along those lines).  You'll get your exact page with everything reversed for you :)
Of course there would have been one little upset girl if Logan got a special cape and she didn't :)  So I made one for Megan too.  She didn't have as much say as Logan but I think she'll still like it!  To do both the capes, I started with and 8.5x11 project then added a punch for the circle, just so I knew how big it would be.  The circle is pretty big and takes up almost the whole sheet at least width wise. 
After that it was simply just adding their initials, and customizing it to them.  Next step I guess I need to go to the store and get some shirts :)  This would be a super cute project to do at a birthday party, and everyone could leave with their own cape!  How fun would that be!!!! 
Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!!!

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