Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Lovely Ladybugs!

I've mentioned before what an amazing upline I have.  She's a great friend, she always has amazing and creative ideas and now she's treating her downline to a stress free, creative morning!  This is a long post, but well worth the time to read it.  Go get some coffee, or tea if that's your thing and come back and read it.  Don't worry I'll wait............................................Oh good you're back!  I attended the first Lovely Ladybug Day---our group name is Ladybug INK. hints the 'ladybug' part :)  This is something that Amber will do twice a year, and it's exclusive for her downline and you have to earn it!  You can be sure, I will not miss another one!!!!!  It was so fun and so stress free and the projects were incredible.  I had an amazing time!  We started with a wonderful lunch, ham Florentine YUM!!!  With yummy chocolaty desserts double YUM!!!!!  Isn't the table beautiful.  Let's take a closer look! 
The napkins are made with SU fabric, that we got to take home!!!  There were chocolates to greet us on our plates.  Just to the left of our plates we had a whole box of the Soda Pop Tops (which are pretty awesome!  I hadn't had a chance to use them prior to Saturday, but they're so fun and I'll be buying more :)  We used them for our make and take :)  She had rose petals on the tables and bows on the glasses, which we removed and took home too.  After our wonderful lunch we started on our make and takes! 
Even the make and take table is beautiful!  The projects were over the top and fantastic!  The was so much time, thought and love put into this event!  Have I mentioned my upline is the BEST!  I had such a good time, left with amazing projects and can't wait to do it again in June!  Let me show you all the stuff I brought home!

Here's everything.  Look at all the stuff I got!  Isn't is amazing?!!!  Try not to look too hard at my messy desk :)  It's actually pretty clean now :)  Here's a closer look. 
 So starting from the chocolate box on the top, this is just your box of valentine chocolate that are all over EVERY store right now.  Look how amazing it is and how different it is just by covering it with some cardstock.  It changes the look completely!  The bow on the box is the bow that was on my glass!  To the right of that is my napkin, we used paper napkins so we didn't have to use our SU ones :)  Under that is my box of Soda Pop Tops, she even decorated those!  To the left of that is one of our make and takes, a necklace made from the tops, isn't it beautiful!  I still need to add my jump ring to it, but I did string my chain on it for the picture :)

So there's the napkin again :)  That fabric is beautiful, guess I'll be getting that too :)  Under the napkin is another make and take, and more chocolate!  We made the heart pouch with the Petal Box die.  The cello bag has M&M's in it and we made the adorable topper for it.  See those little feet in the bottom right corner, those are Megan's feet :)  I try to take my pictures in the morning when the sun is best in my stamp room, so Megan is always there to help, sometimes we have to take 3 or 4 pictures because she like to bend down and 'photo bomb' my pictures :)  Silly girl!

Finally the rest of our make and takes,  The board is magnetic and the paper can be changed to match the season or perhaps just my mood :)  We used more of the tops for magnets!  Aren't they cute!!  I LOVE THEM!!!  I have my board hanging on the door to my stamp room and I can't wait to add little notes on it!!!!  Thank you so much Amber for the day!  I had a wonderful time and I can't wait for the next one!  Remember if you're in our Ladybug group, you too can earn this day!  You won't want to miss it!!!

Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!!


Amber Wilson said...

I'm so glad you had a great time! I was happy to do it, and I can't wait for the next one!!

Amber Wilson said...
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Kay Jantz said...

It was a great time and I am so thrilled I was able to participate as well. Plan to be there in July!