Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Cookies and Milk!

Valentine's Day is tomorrow.  Do you have your gift and/or card ready??  I was out doing errands yesterday and the Valentine section in the store was packed!  So many people stocking up on candy and gifts.  Though I didn't go in the card aisle, I did look down it and it was packed!!!  When I wasn't out, I was busy getting ready for my class and finishing up Valentine's for Logan's class party tomorrow :)  which is what I'm showing you today. 
This idea is yet another great Pintrest find.  The one I saw on Pintrest was beautifully packaged in a cello bag with a nice bag topper.  While I did consider that, in the end I decided that for 1st graders who are likely to rip open the cookies in a matter of seconds anyway extra packaging is not what they need :)  The tags are super cute though and I LOVE them!!!!  Tied to each cookie package is a fun twisty straw, the tag says, "Valentine, We go together like mild and cookies!"  Ideally they would enjoy the cookies with mild and their fun straw (assuming the cookies last that long).
The tags were done on MDS (of course!) and printed at Staples  :)  I made two parts to each tag, I made the scallop part with the cookie on it and punched it out with my scallop circle punch.  And I made the rectangle tag, which I just cut out with the paper cutter.  Then attached the scallop circles with dimensionals.  Logan wrote the 'to' and 'from' on the back of each tag. 
Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!

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