Wednesday, February 20, 2013

End Of Year Gift......WAIT IT'S ONLY FEBRUARY!!!

It is only February but I've been in end of the school year mode, let me explain further.  Logan's teacher (who we've loved this year) is starting her summer break a little early, this week in fact.  She's about to have a little baby so her maternity leave will take her through the end of the year.  Just because she's leaving a couple months early doesn't mean that we don't appreciate all she's done the rest of the year.  So as I would do in May, I'm doing now with an end of the year gift for her.  First up is a potted plant.  I spray painted the pot with chalkboard paint and tied a ribbon on it.  To complete it I wrote (in chalk) 'Thanks for helping me grow!'.
Next up is a gift card that she can use for the baby or hopefully for herself.  I used the gift card template that I LOVE the most!!!!  I got this template from Heather Summers a couple years ago from one of her online classes.  I've used it tons of times since then.  I use a little Velcro to keep it closed.  When you open the gift card holder........
....the gift card pops up!!  So stinkin' cute!!!!  I just love it.  And by pure accident the gift card matches the colors of the holder.  A pure coincidence.  I had made the gift card holder and when I went to Target to pick up the gift card they only had one baby one, it happened to match, OH HAPPY DAY!!!!
Of course one can't give a gift without giving a card.  So I have a sweet card that coordinates perfectly with the holder.  Not a coincidence :)  I used the Perfectly Preserved stamp set with coordinating framelits for both the gift card and card.  They were in the Holiday Catalog but you can still get them!!!  Yay!!! 
That's really all I have today :)  It's been a busy week and it's only Wednesday!  Logan was tested for gifted and we're still working on finding me a new car since mine decided to die forever :(  We haven't shopped for a car in almost 10 years.  I now know 3 things about car shopping 1) I HATE CAR SHOPPING!  2) Car shopping should be a full time job  3) I hate car shopping.  I'll be glad when this is over :)  Have a great day! 

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