Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Pop Up Gift Card and Ribbon Control

I'm going to show you something really cool and something that perhaps might make your life just a little better, at least where ribbon is concerned.  Normally I don't promote products that SU doesn't sell but since SU doesn't sell a ribbon holder of ANY kind any more, I think it's ok to share this, especially since I'm so excited about it.  I know I've posted pictures before of my old ribbon storage with the dowel rod.  It's ok it works, but when I finish a roll or I have a new roll to put up it's a pain in the you know where....usually my ribbon ends up piling up on my desk.  Well those days are over thanks to my friend Trish!  She is the inventor of the Ribbon Roll Control Holders!  Make sure you check out the website, there's an awesome video on them there!  The best part is there's no dowel rod or any rod of any kind!

We all use ribbon, I think as stampers it's almost required.  I know we're all looking for a place to store that ribbon.  When I first heard of Trish's idea, I thought well that's great but unless they can be hung on my wall I can't use them I don't have much spare desk space, well they CAN be hung!  Isn't that great!  They're easy to put together and really secure when they're hung (or sitting on a desk or shelf).  So go check it out, if you're looking for ribbon storage this could solve your problem and make sure to tell Trish that Ruth sent you :)
I do have a project today, image that!  This is one of the gift card holders that my guests got to make at my gift card class on Saturday.  The card uses the new Reason To Smile set!  Remember this stamp set is ONLY available this month and you can get it for ONLY $5 with a $50 order!  That's an amazing deal!!!  This card is so pretty too, I love the colors.  But the fun part is when you open it up...
.....the gift card pops up at you!  Cute, right??!  And it's actually really simple.  To make the pop up section you just need a word window punch.  Punch on both sides of the inside liner of your card.  Then use your Simply Scoring Tool or a bone folder and score a line between the top of the two punched word windows and the bottom of the punched word windows.  Those score lines are valley folds, the rest are mountain folds.  Pretty simple! And it just pops out at you!  I'll show you the other 3 holders tomorrow and Thursday.   
Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!  

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Hank hendricks said...

Like the way how you use the ribbon for gift cards...if it's used in the same way for Gift Card envelopes i wish to use it.