Tuesday, July 10, 2012

My Creativity Journal!!!

Remember this card from Friday? You guys seemed to love it just as much as I did and I thank you for that! I was actually kind of sad to mail it right after I made it, but I know the recipient of that card will appreciate it. But since I LOVED it so much and I wanted to have 'one of my own' I did my own but a different version of it. I apologize for using these little albums I know SU doesn't sell them anymore :( BUT I was given 2 of them and never did anything with it so after looking at them for MONTHS I sat down and finally made my Creativity Journal. At regionals last October, then at the Regionals in San Antonio in January attendees were given these journals and we were supposed to make them into our creativity journals. They even included a list of activities to spark your creativity, things like "List in your journal all the reasons why you are a legitimate artist and/or designer" or "Add a 'happy colored' accessory to your room or office. Take a picture of it, put it in your journal and describe why you picked that particular object to remind you of your heightened creative awareness." And many more! Truth be told I can't tell you for sure why I waited so long to do my journal, I think I wanted to make it perfect and I wasn't inspired enough to do it. Either that or just lack of time, yeah let's go with the lack of time excuse instead :)

I LOVE how the finished album looks! I used the International Bazaar DSP (you'll see that ALOT this year). I just love these three colors together! I painted the outside of my book with white paint before getting started, I didn't like the colors with the kraft color, but I love them with the white! I love the twine bows on each butterfly, I think that's my favorite! You'll notice the butterflies have 2 layers. The bottom layer I punched the butterfly out in the coordinating cardstock, then punched the stamped butterfly out for the top layer. LOVE LOVE LOVE this little journal. One of the Creative Challenges is "Ask several friends or family members to compliment you on how creative you are. Record their responses in your journal." So since I consider you all my friends I'm going to extend that question to you! If you feel up to it leave me a comment on this post or email me and let me know your thoughts on my creativity! This will be my first entry in my journal!!

Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!!


Kim said...

You can't acquire a stalker without being a fabulously creative stamper! Since you have a stalker, that must mean you're brilliant! Seriously, though, I always enjoy your color combinations and the different ways you treat paper (curling the edges up, roughing them up, tearing, etc.) You create really beautiful dimension with the way you treat your paper.

Anonymous said...

You're creativity times a million divided by one and multiplied by a million. You put the some in awesome. You put the eat in great! You put the tic in fantastic! You put the om in BOMB! You put the der in wonderful! You put the da in zipity-do-da!

Anonymous said...

If there was an "AWESOME" exhibit at Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, it would look JUST LIKE YOU!

Anonymous said...

If you look up "BRILLIANT" in the dictionary, it says "see Ruth Norton"