Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

It's Valentine's Day!  We are probably the most boring people in the world.  Our Valentine's will consist of school for Logan, possibly story time at the library for Megan, and work for Dan and I.  Dan said he will stop and pick up dinner on the way home.  We live super exciting lives don't we :)  We did get Logan and Megan little gifts but that's pretty much all we're doing.  Valentine's Day is a strange holiday.  I'm all for celebrating those that you love, but why just one day a year?  So the theory that goes around our house is that it's just like any other day and we'll celebrate, possibly not today but any and everyday!  BUT since it is Valentine's we do want to show others our love and appreciation.  These are the boxes I made for Dan's office.  I love them but I think the owl boxes from the other day are so cute! I got a few comments from it and I appreciate and read every single comment :)

You might have noticed a color theme from the last 3 posts.  I didn't mean to use the same colors everyday but I had excess cardstock and DSP in these colors and wanted to use them.  I do love these boxes.  They're so cute and easy.  You really only need the big shot, fancy favor die and a heart punch!  Seriously it's that easy!!!  With a little layering of cardstock and DSP you can get fantastic looking boxes, and how cute would this layout be on a card too!!!  The boxes are filled with an assortment of chocolate.  So even though Valentine's won't be super exciting here, I hope you have a fantastic day and spend it with your loved ones!!!! 

Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!!

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