Monday, February 28, 2011

A Rose With a Chocolate Center!

I know I promised meeting highlight today, but the weekend kind of got away from me---in a good way!  I had 2 workshops this weekend, both went great and my hostess earned LOTS of free stuff!  And since I had 2 workshops, my swaps from the meeting were thrown into my swap basket to take to the workshops.  So I didn't get a chance to take a picture of them over the weekend but I'll do that today :)  I did however manage to clean my desk and put AWAY my stamp sets--FINALLY!  And I had a couple minutes to take a picture of this fabulous project!

This was the project I got to take home on Thursday after the demos.  Michelle demoed this project and I went after her so I got to take it home!  Yay!  I just loved this project!  Can you guess what it is, well a rose obviously but inside is a Cadbury Easter Egg!!!!  Oh my goodness, how stinkin' cute is that!  So needless to say I was so happy to receive it!
Isn't it beautiful.  I figured I'd better show you the one Michelle made because when I make mine, I don't think they'll come out as beautiful.  She used the Ornament Punch and broke the fibers in them by running it through the crimper, then she separated them to get the faux suede look and then glued them around the Cadbury Egg. 
I just love it, and the crimped look and the faux suede just make it look even better!
Here's on in progress that she let me take home.  Can't wait to finish it! 

Thanks so much Michelle!!!  All the demo's at the meeting were fabulous, I wish I could have taken them all home with me!  The swaps were great too and I'll have those up tomorrow. 

Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!


eva said...

Pretty Rose

Bobbi Miller said...

what a great idea to give to the kids. Like a "surprise" when you hunt for easter eggs! Cool project and I'm thinking of a way to make a different flower, instead of a rose, so it could be more "child like". Maybe a tulip?