Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Gift Card Purse

Yesterday was Megan's 4 month check up.  She's doing great and is in the normal range on just about everything.  And the doctor saw us faster than she's ever seen us.  I got there a little early and was thinking well, we're going to have a long wait, but we were in and out before the time the appointment was even scheduled for-how fantastic is that!?  But she's doing great and is a happy healthy 14 pound 4 month old baby girl :)

 This is the cutest--and quickest--gift card holder ever!  And thanks to the Big Shot you can have it done in minutes.  I cut 2 top note dies out of brown felt and used my Circles #2 die to cut 3 circles of different sizes.  With a quick blanket stitch, sew the 2 top notes together and attach a handle while doing so.  For the flower just stick the 3 circles together with a brad or button.  I purposely didn't want them centered and I think it looks just great with them off to the side a little.  The center circle is a lighter pink, which I love!  I used a glue gun to attach my flower but you could also stick the brad through the first top note die before you sew it together to hold the flower on too.
It's the prefect size for a gift card!  I LOVE IT!! 
Big Shot, Top Note and Circles #2 Dies, Vintage Brads

Brown, Pink and Light Pink Felt, Thread, Needle, Glue Gun.

Thanks for looking, see you soon!