Monday, February 8, 2010

Valentine's Day...Early

It's gonna be a quick post today. I'm a little under the weather. Logan was sick last week and he was kind enough to share his virus with me. So a real quick post today so I can go rest.

Logan helped me make these. They're Valentine's for the kids in his class. I still need to make something for the teachers, but I have until Thursday to get them done.
These little boxes are so cute. They're in the mini catalog and you can get them in blue or pink. You get a ton of boxes in the package. I think you get 30. We only used 16 so he still has plenty. To assemble them, I just used my paper piercer and poked a hole for the stick of the sucker, then assembled the box as directed on the instructions that come with it. Logan signed his name on all of them!! Didn't he do a good job too!!

And he attached the hearts with dimensionals on all of them. They're so cute! I just love them!

Well I'm off to hopefully get better!!
Thanks for looking, see you tomorrow for Tutorial Tuesday!!!

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