Friday, February 5, 2010

Got Mail?

Remember my obsession with the little mini mailboxes from Target? Well if you have some or are like me and have tons of them here's a really cute idea for those mailboxes! I decorated or helped decorate 3 of them, one for me, Dan and Logan. We put them on our china cabinet and if the flag of your mailbox is up you have a gift inside. Usually some sort of chocolate, but Logan's has received some games too. I thought it would be a really cute idea for Valentine's Treats. My original thought was to leave them up until Valentines Day but maybe we'll leave them up a little longer. Logan loves them and has been great about putting treats in mine and Dan's boxes not just asking for treats to be left in his. I was worried that he would get really greedy and want gifts and treats all the time, but not so. He's been wonderful about leaving treats in ours too, well mostly Dan's :) And we're not real consistant about it. We put gifts in Logan's mailbox only 2 or 3 times a week. So it's not an everyday thing and it's not intended to be. But is' a cute idea!

I think you can probably figure out which one is Logan's. Dan's is the red one, shhhh that's not SU paper on it. It's paper I got a craft store. It's one of the center pieces left over ones from our church's annual dinner. I didn't think I'd be able to get Dan to decorate his own mail box so I grabbed one of the left over one. Mine is the last one with our Sending Love Sparkly DSP! I also added a handle to mine :)

Love it!! So sparkly!!

Logan used the Fox and Friends set and stamped it on white cardstock. Then I helped him attach it to his mail box.
Thanks for looking, see you tomorrow!!

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