Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tutorial Tuesday-Baby Shoes

We've been trying to throw a surprise baby shower for one of the Mom's at my Mom's Group that meets at my church on Thursday's. But after 3 date changes because she couldn't be there we finally decided not to make it a surprise. So now she know about it and in just over a week, we'll have her shower. This is baby number 5 for her so she doesn't need much, we'll be providing lots of diapers and clothes for her though. So I'm attempting to make these cute little baby shoes for the shower favors. I'm not sure how many I need to make and I'm not sure if I'll have the time to make them all, but I'm gonna try!! I found this pattern for the baby shoes at Diana's blog. I had to resize the pattern to print on my printer, just warning you, you may have to do the same. They're really easy to put together once you get them cut out. So let's get started.

When you cut out your pattern make sure to cut 2 of the bases. One for the inside and outside of the shoe. I'm using Certainly Celery DSP for my shoes but any DSP would work.
I choose to use the Tombow Multi Glue to assemble the first one. I wasn't sure how much moving around I'd need to do with the the little teeth so I didn't want sticky strip that is stuck forever when you stick it. On the pattern there's a mark on the top and bottom of the shoe base and there are marks on 2 of the teeth on other part. Those are the marks that you'll need to line up to make the shoe. So I'm lining up the back of my shoe base to the mark on the 3rd tooth-hope that all makes sense and you're still with me.

Just start working your way around the shoe base adhering the teeth under.

Yay I made it to the end!!!

Glue the second base of your shoe on the bottom to cover up all those teeth, they aren't attractive.

I used a little sticky strip to hold my strap down.

Awwwww, it's so cute!!!!

Just add a button to finish it and you're done! I used a small, skinny scrap of Old Olive cardstock in my button. I just love this little shoe!!!
Thanks for looking, see you tomorrow!!!!

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