Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tutorial Tuesday-Sweet Cup Garage Door

It's Tutorial Tuesday again and today I thought that I would show you how to use our sweet treats cups and make a door in the card so that you don't need to rip the card apart to get to the candy or the treat!
You'll need your card base (I'm using a 4 x 8 card base, to make a 4x4 card). You'll also need your 1 3/4 inch circle punch, dimensionals, a pencil and your 'door' (I'm using cardstock that's 2x3)

Start by punching your circle from your base and then line up your next layer and trace a circle, so you know where to punch. Punch that one too.

Do the same with the next layer, you'll need at least 3 layers for this card. Make sure they all line up, but don't glue anything yet.

Attach your sweet treats cup to the middle layer.

Then attach your top layer on that and embellish as desired.

Lay your 'door' piece on the back, make sure it covers the cup. Use dimesionals and place them around the cup. This is so that your door can only go in so far and it can't go up and down, making sure all your treats stay in the cup.

Line up the circle on the base of the card and fill up your cup with your treat.

The 'door' will easily slide open and closed.
Cute huh?!
Thanks for looking, see you tomorrow!